MartinLogan Motion 15i vs. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

MartinLogan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker vs. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers
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MartinLogan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker

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Dimensions (H × W × D)

11.40” × 6.80” × 9.50”
290 mm × 173 mm × 241 mm

A midsized rear-ported bookshelf, featuring a 5.25” low-frequency transducer and a folded motion high frequency transducer, which MartinLogan claims replicates much of the performance of their high-end elecrostatic speakers. May need to be paired with a subwoofer if sub-60Hz bass is a priority.

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers

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Dimensions (H × W × D)

12.56” × 7.13” × 8.44”
319 mm × 181 mm × 214 mm

These now-legendary bookshelf speakers designed by Andrew Jones are among the most recommended bang-for-buck speakers, and punch way above their price point. They have a warm, laid-back sound that may not immediately jump out at you in A-B tests, but at the same time does not become fatiguing over extended listening sessions.


  • The front face of the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR is approximately 15.52% larger than that of the MartinLogan Motion 15i.
  • The depth of the MartinLogan Motion 15i is approximately 12.56% deeper than that of the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR.
  • The spatial volume of the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers is approximately 2.63% greater than that of the MartinLogan Motion 15i Bookshelf Speaker.

Please Note: the above comparisons are based on the dimensions of a bounding rectangle that would fit the front face of a speaker. In the case of volume, the comparisons are based on a cube that would enclose the speaker entirely. These measurements do not take into account variations in the speaker shape, such as curves, diagonal edges, or cutaways. These measurements cannot be relied upon to measure the internal volume of the speaker.

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