About SpeakerSize.com

SpeakerSize.com was created as a way to quickly compare the relative sizes of two speakers. I broke them down into categories to allow comparisons between speakers within a certain category, such as satellite and bookshelf, center channel, tower, and subwoofer speakers.

Once you pick a speaker pair, the size difference is represented visually, using scaled photos where available, as well as links to speaker reviews and stores to compare prices.

Who created this site?

I am a web developer, a husband, and father of three with an interest in home audio and home theater. I've been interested in speakers and audio since discovering Stereophile Magazine as a kid.

Recently, I was setting up a new living room home theater system and wished there was a way to quickly compare the size of some of the speaker models I was considering. I decided to build this website to help other people make similar decisions, and through affiliate links, hopefully defray the hosting costs and make a little money along the way to support my growing family.

Why are there some distorted and missing images?

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers take photos of their speakers from straight front-, side-, or back-facing angles. I attempt to take my own photographs of speakers when possible, but I often rely on manufacturer images, sometimes taken at an angle. After adjusting for perspective, some of these images appear distorted, and sometimes I don't have a good image to work with at all from a certain side.

The sides of speakers in particular are not often photographed from a good angle. Most of the "side views" you'll see here lack photos, but I kept it as an option because I thought it would still be useful to compare speaker depths visually (even if it means comparing gray rectangles).

If you represent a speaker manufacturer and have high-quality photos of your products taken from front, side, and rear views, please contact me.

Future plans for this website

I will be constantly adding more speaker models. In addition, I am developing a room layout simulator which will let you see the relative size of bookshelf or tower, satellite, center channel, and subwoofer speakers all in the same room, along with a TV and TV console.

If there is anything you would like to see added to this website, please contact me and I'll take it into consideration. Thanks for visiting!